80[G] OF I.T., ACT,1961 , NO :- CIT/GNR/80G(5)/GN-12/2005-06 valid upto 31-03-2009

Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976,

Registration Number : 041920013

Nature : Economic

TAN : AHMG02905A


Gujarat State Rural Development Council was established in 1993, as a Society under Trust Act and is registered with the Charity Commissioner. The objectives of this Council are basically.

► To serve the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in social, educational and economic fields so that they can improve their lives.

► To provide facilities for stay, food, books etc, to the children [both Male and Female] of these classes, free of charge at various hostels being run by the council. These facilities are provided to student from standard 5 to 12

► To provide insurance cover to the members of the council, free of charge under an arrangement with National Insurance Co.Ltd, [A Govt.of India undertaking] Under this arrangement, in case of accidental death of member, his dependents are paid a stipulated amount depending on the kind of membership. 

The guiding principle of this Council is to eradicate at the very root of the backwardness of S.C & S.T. Classes, namely lack of education, lack of information regarding various schemes of the State Government for the benefit of these classes, and lack of institutions, which try to help them. The basic working principle of the Council is to enroll members on annual basis and use the income from membership fee towards establishment of hostels for the students [ Male & Female] of S.C & S.T classes.

The Gujarat State Govt.has recognized the council for grant in aid. Along with education the Council provides comprehensive information about various welfare scheme started by the State Govt./Central Govt. so that the members of S.C & S.T classes can benefit. The Council believes that the best way to help S.C & S.T classes is to make them well educated, well informed and well assisted by social organizations like ours. Any cash doles that may be given can be of temporary help only, whereas the activities mentioned above would bring a qualitative difference in their lives.

In the event of death of a member, his dependents being so poor are rendered in a pitiable condition and sometime may starve In order to provide relief under such a situation, the council provides insurance cover free of charge, under this insurance cover the dependents of a deceased member get a stipulated sum like Rs.50, 000/= and Rs.1, 00,000/= depending upon the type of membership. Thus under the canopy of the various activities mentioned above the Council is marshalling all its efforts to serve the marginalised sections of Indian society, and requests your unstinted support to this noble cause.

► 432 Members nominees received Rs. 7,68,900 for Natural Death compensation

► 246 Members nominees received help of Rs. 1,99,450

► 32 Members children received 2,32,000 for education help 

kanubhai vaghela


kaushik upadhyay

Managing Director.


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